A Preview of the New Customer Form

04/10/2013 10:35 PM | Sky Stebnicki

Over the past few months we have spent an unbelievable amount of time thinking about how we can make the customer form in our CRM more usable and simple. We really love simple because simple tools are the tools that get used. Few of us have the time to invest in complex tools; we have jobs to do and the tool is NOT the job (for most of us anyway).

After many hours spent thinking, testing, debating, retesting, debating some more and mockups, here is what we came up with for our new simplified customer form:

New Customer Form

As you can see we have streamlined it quite a bit. The most common information and features needed when working with a customer are right on the General profile page for the contact.

Customer Profile Summary

For starters most of the relevant contact information is on a sidebar on the left with a picture of the client. Netric stores a lot of information, and you can expand that by adding as many custom fields as you like, but there's no reason you need to see all the fields all the time. This summary view displays the most accessed fields and hides fields that are not populated for this record.

New Action Bar

You can add comments and add tasks that can be assigned to you or to someone else. Schedule a new event and place it on your calendar. Enter the details of a phone call right from the general tab of your customer.

Updated Activity Stream

Finally, all the activities, comments, and emails are stored in the customer activity log making it incredibly easy to catch up quickly with what has and is going on with your contact. Having this sort of visibility allows you to quickly see what has happened, who in your organization performed the action, and what is coming up.
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