Talking About Sharepoint

02/10/2013 05:11 PM | Sky Stebnicki

Microsoft Sharepoint might just be one of the best and most useful products they company has ever released. In fact, usability expert Jacob Neilson just discovered in some recent that 70% of the top intranets are now built on SharePoint. What Microsoft did that was so brilliant was design a web application platform that makes it easier for developers to build their own intranets on top of the rich set of features provided in Sharepoint. At its core Sharepoint allows IT professionals to create pages where information can be shared and collaborated on. It's a simple idea really, but in a world where information is king, the simplicity of the idea is profoundly valuable to businesses both large and small.

When we were building Netric part of our goal was to capture the best parts of Sharepoint and simplify them even further so that anyone who can point and click can create an intranet. Our goal was not to copy Sharepoint but to create a tool that can accomplish much of the same things and in many cases far more with less technical know-how. While both products solve the same problem, we approached it from an entirely different angle.

Sharepoint is designed as a tool for internal developers to use to more rapidly develop complex intranet environment and they are very good at it. Netric was designed as a tool designed to allow anyone to start creating their own organizational intranet immediately without development cost or the need to hire any programmers.

Additionally, we also integrated many applications into our netric WebApp platform that are not included in Sharepoint. With Netric you can create pages (we call apps) and collaborate just like in Sharepoint, but you also have high quality prebuilt fully-featured business and collaboration applications built in including: CRM - Customer Relationship Management, Project Manager, CMS - Content Management, Groupware - Email/Calendaring/Chat, Online File System - cloud file storage, Wiki/Knowledge Base, Reporting Tools and more all for the same low price.

And speaking of price, not only are our licensing fees a fraction of the cost of Sharepoint, because we handle hosting and all support the operating expense is much more affordable for small and medium size organizations.

If you are interested in checking out netric, you can sign up for a free personal account here. All signups get the full enterprise version free for 30 days. Give it a try and see if you like it, otherwise Sharepoint is a very good and capable tool if you are looking for something more developer centric.

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