Changing to Domain

09/08/2013 12:00 AM | Sky Stebnicki

Good news, as of this week customers and users can now find us on rather than

We hope this helps in efforts to create the best possible experience for our users. While the domain name is often overlooked, what users type into their browser to access a site makes a huge difference in initial usage impression.

For current customers, as you know your account is accessed with your account name in the url (as a third level domain in tech talk). For instance, if your account name is 'goodcompany' then you used to access your netric account at: Now with the recent change, your account is accessed at (notice we dropped the os).

Why the change? In short, because when we first named netric we were unable to get the domain name so we opted to tag "online solution" to the end of the domain. This served as a temporary placeholder as we created the product and attempted to get Now that we have we are dropping the os (Online Solutions) from the name and we are simply,

We hope that having netric found on will be a good thing for everyone and make remembering it much easier.

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