The New Face of Netric

11/11/2013 12:00 AM | Sky Stebnicki

Over the next few days some significant updates will be rolling out to all our users. We have been hard at work implementing feedback and making netric an even easier to use, fuller-featured collaboration and productivity tool. Here are some of the enhancements you can expect in the new release:

Updated Logo

We have been developing a new logo for a long time now and have finally come up with one we believe best represents the feel and vision of netric. A special thanks goes out to Kris Carter at DesignPath Studios, for helping us create this new look. Sometimes it really pays to bring in some outside perspective, especially in the area of design.

Updated User Interface

The design of the UI (User Interface) has been updated throughout. Some changes are more subtle, some are more extreme. Our primary objective was to simplify the design and provide a unified, consistent, and visually appealing experience throughout netric. Here are some of the highlights:

New leaner, flatter, more simple design.

Updated modern icons throughout to streamline the interface.

Tooltips have been added everywhere because we think you should never have to wonder what an icon, link or button does. Simply highlight the icon in question for an explanation of that the tool does.

Because data is so interconnected and relational in netric, we have added simple breadcrumbs to the top of objects. When you are you working you can tell instantly where you are within the application.

Universal Search

A lot of important information gets stored in netric. No longer will have to wonder if you put something in as a note, a file, or if was an email. Simply start typing in the universal search and it will return any matches it finds across all applications and object types.


When it comes to waiting on software we tend to be very impatient. The netric team, like most of our users, enjoys working with applications that can keep up. Engineering worked hard to cut load and processing times down throughout the suite and dramatically improved responsiveness. We hope this leads to an even more enjoyable experience for our users as they work with netric day in and day out.

Inline Help

Great software should not require great effort to use. One of our core design principles is that netric should either be intuitive enough to use without the need for help or it should guide you though more complex processes. Relying on customer feedback, usage statistics, and endless user tests we set out to do both in this latest release. You will find many more tooltips, helpful mini-tours, better wizards, and an overall more intuitive experience.

Better Mobile Support

Staying connected while on the move is no longer a luxury; it is absolutely essential. Netric mobile has been heavily optimized to provide a better experience overall for mobile users.

There's More To Come

We are continually at work refining, improving, adding features, removing unused features and doing all we can to make netric the best tool possible. This is a major update but expect to see ongoing improvement in the weeks to come as more feedback comes in concerning the changes. And speaking of feedback, we thrive on it, so any and all feedback is more than welcome. You can send it from within netric through the "Contact Support Tool" (Click the ? icon in the upper right) or you can leave a comment on this post.

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