What is an Intranet?

02/10/2013 05:14 PM | Sky Stebnicki

An intranet is a website used to share information within an organization. A good intranet helps to provide the following benefits for organizations of any size:

1. It Improves Communication

Having a central location to communicate with everyone in the team goes a long way in keeping everyone on the same page.

2. It Promotes Collaboration

A well designed intranet will have well designed tools that allow members of a team to easily collaborate on things. For instance, if you are working on a project you should be able to ask a question about a task or a document for the project and others will be notified of the question and given the opportunity to respond. All responses will be sent to interested members thereby fostering an interactive collaborative process. This is just one example of many, but the idea is always the same: a good intranet should have tools that make collaborating on anything and everything effortless.

3. It Shares Information

Having one central location for your valuable data will make it easy to build and share knowledge with the whole team. Store policies and procedures, streamline processes, document solutions and more - then share these documents with all or part of your team.

And That's Just The Beginning

As companies have discovered the incredible benefits mentioned above, development has continued for more sophisticated and powerful intranets including HR resources, project and customer management and other tools.

Sounds Expensive! What About Small Business?

The only problem is that all of these cool tools are pretty expensive which has made the amazing benefits of such a solution far outside the reach of smaller organizations. That is precisely the reason we built netric - to provide the incredible benefits of a full-scale intranet solution for a fraction of the cost. Aside from netric, which is all-inclusive, you can also sign up for a few different tools to provide some of the same benefits like basecamp (for projects), salesforce (for customer relationship management) and dropbox (for files and documents).

If you are not convinced yet whether or not an intranet is worth looking into, then I suggest just giving it a try. You can sign up for a free trial on www.netricos.com without any obligation and give it a month to see if your team benefits from the tools an intranet can bring to the table. There's really nothing to lose and potentially much to gain.
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