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Reach out to your current and potential customers to find new sales opportunities.

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Create and Send Mass Email

Use the simple mass email wizard to send email campaigns to any segment of your customer database.

Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools available, but most orgranizations completely miss out because they lack the tools needed to quicly and accurately send out bulk email. Netric solves this problem by provoding (1) a very dynamic customer database and (2) offering a simple wizard that makes targeting and sending email to segments of your database a breeze.

Mass Email
Workflow Emails

Automate Emails & Follow-up

Use the powerful workflow engine to perform tasks like peridicly checking in with customers, sending them happy birthday/anniversary emails, and reminding users to to follow-up whenver you determine.

Easy Mail-Merge with Microsoft Office

Export any segment of your customer database to be used with Microsoft Office to create mass-mailing labels for snail mail campaigns.

Mail Merge

Track Campaign Effectiveness

Find out which marketing campaigns are generating the most leads, and which ones are closing the most deals.

Use this valuable data to be strategic about making sure future resources are spent only on the most effective campaigns.

Stay on Top of Customer Objections

Gather customer feedback about what their challenges are to doing business with you. As basic as this sounds, this data has the potential to give you a competitive advantage over the rest by shaping your products to best serve customers.

Objections in Opportunity Drop-down