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Capture & Work Sales Leads

Manage your sales leads with absolute flexibility and ease. No more lead spread sheets, no more trying to make multiple folders in your email trying to prioritize your leads.

Sales Lead
Sales Opportunity

Manage Sales Opportunities

Stay on top of any and all sales opportunities. Keep everything in one place and even collaborate on deals with members in your team.

Most importantly, no more lost opportunities due to failed communication.

Make Follow-up Easy

Discover the power of following-up with your prospects. One of the single most effective sales techniques is simply following up, but it can get overwhelming with the hectic schedules we all carry. Netric makes follow-up easier than ever by allowing sales to schedule an automated follow-up email, task, or reminder for a future date and then you can refocus 100% of your efforts on the next deal.

Sales Opportunity
Sales Opportunity

Customized Sales Workflows

Automate sales workflows, your way. Our powerful workflow engine makes it possible to automate just about any aspect of the sales process. Determine how incoming leads and opportunities should be processed and let netric assure the process is followed.

Create & Send Customer Invoices

Invoice customers and even allow them to pay online through your merchant account.