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Excellent customer service is so refreshing and remarkable. Netric CRM provides the tools to help make sure your customers feel important, engaged, and cared for.

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Track all Service Requests

Make sure that every single request is responded to and resolved. Cases can be assigned, commented on, and managed through customized status flags to make sure that ongoing issues are resolved and new cases get addressed.

Customer Support Cases
Customer Support Reply

Focus All Communications

When replying to a case, the customer can be notified via email. All they have to do in order to comment on the case is reply to the email and the comment will automatically be added to the case and the owner of the case will be notified of the reply. No need for the customer to log into any sites to respond. And any attachments they send will also be attached to the case.

Customized Public Support Portal

Each case has a unique link that people outside your organization can use to review and comment. This link is sent with every comment so that customers can see the full history of each case with a simple link.

Public Customer Support Portal
Customer Activity History

Quickly Catch Up

Use the activity log to find out what has been done with and for the customer in one quick glance.

Document and search on solutions

Use the the integrated Infocenter Knowledgebase to document and standardize customer service processes. Public documents can be sent directly to customers or published on your website.

Documentation Solution
New task screen shot

Stay on Top of Follow-up

Use tasks, reminders, and scheduled events to make sure that each case is worked through to resolution and followed-up on.