Using Netric for Customer Support

Staying on top of customer support can be a challenge for companies both big and small. It is important to have a process and toolset in place to make sure customers are supported as needed without anything slipping through the cracks. Below you will find the most common process for using netric to handle all your customer support needs.

Incoming Support Cases

In netric we call each support issue or quest a "Case" and a customer may have any number of cases. Incoming cases or support requests come in a variety of formats.


If you are using netric to manage your support mailbox, you can simply click Actions > Create New > Case when reading the email. If you are using an external client to manage your support mailbox then you can manually create a new case by finding the customer in the CRM select the "Cases" tab and clicking "New Case."

You can also have all support email forwarded to a dropbox address in netric that will automatically add the email as a case. The dropbox address is [your-account-name]


If your support website is using netric CMS or you have used our API within your website, then support cases will be automatically added to the customer record.

Phone Call & Manual Entry

When your customer calls go to the "CRM" application in netric and search for the customer by name or phone number. If they do not already exist you will want to add them at this point before proceeding.

Once in the customer record, select the "Cases" tab and click on "New Case" to start entering details for the case."

Working the Case

Viewing Open Cases

To view all open cases go to CRM > Cases (on the left).

Replying to the Customer

Open a case by clicking on the record. Click in the "Add Comment" input box and the form will expand so you can add comments there. Just to the left of the "Add Comment" button there is a checkbox which indicates whether or not that comment should be sent to the customer (via email) or just remain private on the case. See image below:

When the customer receives the notification they can simply reply to the email and the reply will be added as a comment on the case automatically.

There's More

If you get started with the above process then you are already way ahead of the pack. There is so much more you can do with customer service including logging phone calls, assigning tasks for follow-up, and even automating processes like follow-up emails to customers. That can all come with time as needs demand. The important thing is to get started entering all cases from customers and keeping them updated with comments/notes and closing them as issues get resolved.


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