How to Automate Workflows

In many ways automated workflow is the key behind the power of ANT CRM. You can create a workflow to automate just about anything and our unique and descriptive wizard will help guide you through the process.

Starting The Wizard

The wizard starts by asking what kind of object you would like to create a workflow for, and then what events should start the workflow. This is where you define something like: "I want to create a workflow that will send me an email every time a new lead is created."

Setting Conditions That Must Be Met

Next you can set conditions that the object must meet in order to launch the workflow. This is useful if you would like to be emailed every time a lead comes in, but only if the lead is in the "Competitors" group and only if they are from "Oregon."

Creating Actions To Perform

Now comes the fun part, tell the wizard what you would like the workflow to do once all the conditions are met. There are any number of actions you can configure:

  • Send an email to you, anyone associated with the object, or a manual address
  • Create a task for you or anyone associated with the object like owner or manager
  • Request approval from someone in the organization including yourself
  • Start another child workflow
  • Create an invoice or any other object with specific parameters

Finished! That's all there is to it.

Click next and you are done creating your own automated workflow. Now every time an object is created, updated, or deleted matching your criteria, all the selected actions will be performed.


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