How do I use email fitlers?

General Overview

Email filters, when effectively applied, can really take your time to a whole new efficient level. We all get constantly bombarded with emails. Many of them we never read; or we do read them, even though it's not a priority to at that particular time.  Setting up filter rules that allow ANT to become your 'email secretary' can significantly help you through your email flow and process.

Whenever it makes sense, you'll want to mark email as 'spam' and/or add to 'blacklist domain'.  But you receive many non-important emails where it does not make sense to mark them as 'spam' nor 'blacklist' them.  This is when setting up filters can become really effective!

Example One:  If you Facebook, then more than likely you receive email after email after email every time someone comments on a post you commented on, or adds you as a friend, or emails you via facebook itself.  While all this can create a fun, virtual social environment, there may always be a better time and place to read these emails than the time they hit your inbox.  But what you do?  After all, they are clogging up your inbox.  In this instance, you may want to create a filter that throws all emails from Facebook into a folder you created named "Facebook".  Then when the time & place is appropriate, you can look throw your folder and review all the Facebook related emails.

Example Two:  From time to time, you utilize Ebay and bid on items.  But Ebay will also send non essential emails (often) such as 'Ebay Daily Deal'.  You're really not interested in reading these emails; at the same time, you don't want to 'spam' or 'blacklist' Ebay either.  In this situation, it makes sense to create a filter that automatically sends emails to your trash when they come in from "Ebay Daily Deal'.

Creating an Email Filter

1. Click the [ Email ] on the top of the page.
2. Click [ Settings ] under the sections titled 'Mail Actions' in the upper left corner.
3. Click [ Filters ] tab
4. Give your filter a name that makes sense for what it is going to do
5. Read through the logic:
     What does the email have in common that you desire to filter?
     Is it something in the 'Subject Line'?  Is it 'From' a certain email address and/or display name?
     Once you decide what is the common denominator in the emails you want to filter, you can then select what folder to move that email to by selecting the [ Move to Folder ] drop down box.  This dropdown will contain all of the preloaded ANT email folders (Inbox, Junk Mail, Trash, etc...), plus any custom folders you have created.


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