How to export contacts from

  1. Open your browser, go to, and login with your email address and password
  2. Click on the Reports tab on the top menu
  3. To export Accounts: Click on the Active Accounts link
  4. To export Contacts: Click on the Mailing List link
  5. On Step 1: Select your report type, select Tabular Reportclick Next
  6. On Step 2: Select the report columns, choose the columns you want to export and click Next
  7. On Step 3: Select the information to summarize, just click Next
  8. On Step 4: Order the report columns, just click Next
  9. On Step 5: Select your report criteria, under Start Date, choose a date far enough in the past to include all your Accounts. You can also export a subset of Accounts using more advanced criteria. When you are done, click Run Report
  10. A report will be generated, and the page should display Report Generation Status: Complete. Now click Export to Excel
  11. On Export Report:, for Export File Format:, choose Comma Delimited .csv. Click Export.
  12. A dialog will pop up for you to save the export file to your computer.


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